About Cartoon Jordan - Live Caricature Artist in Raleigh, NC

Hi! I'm Cartoon Jordan a Professional Caricature Artist / Cartoonist based out of Raleigh, North Carolina. Individuals and Companies hire me to come and draw their guests as cartoons live at parties and events! 

I started drawing caricatures over Zoom digitally during the pandemic. My first client was Red Hat and second was Google! I've been busy ever since. 

 I've been drawing cartoons since I was little and was dubbed "The Art Kid" growing up through school. You know, the one you want in your group project to make the poster :)

I have an Associates of Applied Science in Digital Art & Animation from The Living Arts College. I had the honor of training with Caricature Japan's International Professionals Caricature Course during the pandemic.

Fun Facts:

  • I've drawn live in person at over 40 weddings! Including 1 virtual wedding!
  • I was hired to draw at a super cool dog's 15th birthday party!
  • I've drawn a Google Robot live over Google Meet
  • I live in Rolesville, NC with my husband, our two daughters and mini dachshund
  • I was a Film Development Intern for a Producer at Warner Brothers Studios
  • I once worked in valet at a hotel in Beverly Hills
  • Denzel Washington's wife yelled at me once for trying to charge her to park at the hotel in Beverly Hills in which I worked lol (still to this day I have questions....hahaha)


* Certificate of Insurance available upon request 

ISCA International Society of Caricature Artists